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Nine Parchments Free Download (v1.1.2) With Crack {Updated}

Nine Parchments Free Download PC Game pre-installed in direct link. Nine Parchments was released on Dec 5, 2017. Nine Parchments is an enchanting and action-packed video game that blends elements of spellcasting, adventure, and cooperative gameplay. Developed by Frozenbyte and released in 2017, the game is set in a magical and whimsical world that captivates players with its visually stunning landscapes and challenging quests.

The game’s story revolves around a group of fledgling young wizards studying at the Astral Academy. Players take on the roles of these novice spellcasters, who embark on a perilous journey to recover the titular Nine Parchments, powerful magical tomes containing spells of unimaginable potential. The plot is lighthearted and humorous, adding an element of charm to the game’s overall atmosphere.

Nine Parchments emphasizes cooperative multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to four players to join forces and cast spells together. The multiplayer aspect is a central feature of the game, encouraging players to collaborate to overcome various challenges and enemies that lie in their path. The cooperative nature of the game encourages teamwork and coordination, as each character can specialize in different types of magic, such as fire, ice, and lightning, leading to diverse and strategic spellcasting opportunities.

The spellcasting system in Nine Parchments is a highlight of the game. It features an intuitive and dynamic casting mechanic, where players can combine different elements to create a wide range of spells. Experimenting with spell combinations adds depth to the gameplay, and finding the perfect mix of spells for your character is a satisfying aspect of the game.

As players progress through the game, they will encounter a myriad of magical creatures, formidable bosses, and various puzzles that require clever spellcasting and problem-solving skills. The variety of challenges keeps the gameplay engaging and dynamic, ensuring that players are consistently tested and engaged.

Nine Parchments is known for its lush and vibrant visual design. The environments are beautifully crafted and teem with magical elements, enhancing the overall immersion. The character designs and magical effects are equally stunning, further contributing to the game’s enchanting atmosphere.

In addition to the main quest, the game offers side quests and challenges that provide extra gameplay content. These optional objectives encourage players to explore the game world further and hone their spellcasting abilities. Players can also customize their characters by acquiring and equipping a range of hats and staves, adding a layer of personalization to the experience.

Nine Parchments is a captivating and enjoyable gaming experience for those who appr 5eciate cooperative multiplayer, magic, and fantasy settings. With its enchanting visuals, engaging spellcasting system, and lighthearted storyline, it’s a game that offers hours of fun and challenge for both solo and multiplayer adventurers alike.

About The Game

Nine Parchments is a cooperative blast ’em-up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte, creators of the Trine series! Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments. As the would-be wizards rapidly acquire powerful new spells without learning proper safety measures, it’s natural their hasty progress results in plenty of deadly accidents… Nine Parchments combines real-time spell-shooting action with RPG elements – level up your character and collect magical loot, filling your wardrobe with a myriad of wizard hats and powerful staves. Features:

  • Dozens of spells for you to discover and master
  • Unlock new playable characters with quests
  • Find fashionable Hats and powerful Staves
  • Level up and improve your characters with their Skill Trees
  • Resurrection and Friendly Fire: Help and hinder your friends
  • Battle strange creatures and mighty bosses in the beautiful Trine world
  • Online and local co-op with 1-4 players


How to Download & Install Nine Parchments

  1. Click the Download button below and you should be redirected to UploadHaven.
  2. Wait 5 seconds and click on the blue ‘download now’ button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  3. Once Nine Parchments is done downloading, right-click the .zip file and click on “Extract to Nine Parchments” (To do this you must have 7-Zip, which you can get here).
  4. Double-click inside the Nine Parchments folder and run the exe application.
  5. Have fun and play! Make sure to run the game as administrator and if you get any missing dll errors, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the programs in the folder.

Nine Parchments Free Download

Click the download button below to start Nine Parchments Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.steamunlock-fast-download-instructions-2384135-3783764-9376596-6290791-9215984-6084883-3647508-4814749-1725580-4233859

Nine Parchments Free Download

This game is already
pre-installed for you, meaning you don’t have to install it. If you get any missing dll
errors, make sure to look for a _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install directx,
vcredist and all other programs in that folder. You need these programs for the game to
run. Look for a ‘HOW TO RUN GAME!!.txt’ file for more help. Also, be sure to right-click
the exe and always select “Run as administrator” if you’re having problems saving the
game. Always disable your anti-virus before extracting the game to prevent it from
deleting the crack files.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: (64 bit) Windows 10 / 8 / 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 1.8 GHz CPU dual-core. AMD 2.0 GHz dual-core.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB Video RAM – NVIDIA GeForce 500 Series / Radeon HD 6000 Series
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 7 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: 64-bit operating system required to play!




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