PESEdit 2014 Patch 2.0 + DLC 2.0 Download [2023]

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Latest PESEdit 2014 Patch 2.0 + DLC 2.0 Download [Updated]

PESEdit 2014 Patch is a comprehensive and highly popular modification for the football video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014). Developed by a dedicated team of passionate fans, this patch enhances the gameplay experience by adding new features, improving existing elements, and providing updated content.

One of the key highlights of the PESEdit 2014 Patch is the inclusion of updated team rosters. The patch incorporates the latest player transfers, ensuring that you can play with the most accurate and up-to-date squads from various leagues around the world. This feature adds a layer of realism to the game, allowing you to immerse yourself in the current football season.

Furthermore, the patch introduces new kits for teams, giving them a fresh and updated look. The attention to detail in recreating the official jerseys of different clubs adds authenticity to the gameplay and enhances the overall visual experience.

In addition to updated rosters and kits, the PESEdit 2014 Patch also introduces new stadiums. These stadiums are meticulously designed to mirror their real-life counterparts, providing a realistic and immersive atmosphere during matches. Playing in familiar stadiums adds an extra level of excitement and enhances the overall immersion in the game.

Moreover, the patch includes improved graphics and enhanced gameplay mechanics. The developers have worked to refine the game’s visuals, making player models more detailed and realistic. The improved animations and physics contribute to a more fluid and lifelike experience on the virtual pitch.

Another notable feature of the PESEdit 2014 Patch is the inclusion of additional leagues and teams. The patch expands the game’s roster, allowing you to play with a wider selection of clubs and national teams. This variety provides more options for creating custom tournaments, matches, and competitions.

Additionally, the patch addresses various bugs and issues present in the original game, improving its stability and performance. The dedicated team behind the patch consistently works to deliver updates and fixes, ensuring that players have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Overall, the PESEdit 2014 Patch is a must-have for fans of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 who seek to enhance their gameplay experience. With updated rosters, new kits, realistic stadiums, improved graphics, and additional teams, the patch breathes new life into the game, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of football in a more immersive and authentic manner.

    New Features 2014 Patch 2.0:

  • New teams: Rubin Kazan, Spartak Moscow, Fenerbahce, Dynamo Kiev
  • New faces: 800+ faces from the Konami DLC; Achahbar, Chiriches, Klos, Lucas Moura, Morrison, Rebic, Townsend + many more
  • New kits: 1860 München, Bielefeld, Colombia, Denmark, Everton, France, Germany, Hoffenheim, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Wales
  • New boots: Adidas adiPure 11pro, Puma King, Mizuno Morelia II and Mizuno Wave Cup SS
  • Misc: Fixed issue with duplicated players in ML (Subotic, van der Vaart, etc.)

General Features 2014 Patch:

  • Full Online Mode compatibility
  • Includes latest PES 2014 Patch 1.04 and Data Pack 2.00
  • Added Bundesliga
  • Added 2. Bundesliga and Sky Bet Championship
  • Corrected kits for all Premier League teams and many unlicensed National Teams
  • Corrected boots, accesories, shirtname for 6000+ players
  • Corrected fake national team player faces (1000+ faces!)
  • Fixed team names and emblems for Premier League and Liga ZON Sagres teams
  • Added 50+ new boots
  • Corrected player names for unlicensed National Teams (Algeria, Bosnia, Japan, Netherlands, United States etc.)
  • Fixed names and emblems for all competitions
  • Updated transfers for most important teams + full Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A and La Liga
  • Fixed lineups for 50+ teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Napoli etc.)

Download Links:

PESEdit 2014 Patch 2.0 + DLC 2.0 Download Link 1

PESEdit 2014 Patch 2.0 + DLC 2.0 Download Link 2

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