What is Steamunlocked?

Steamunlocked is a website that offers free games to its players for fun and enjoyment. There are many games that can be downloaded for free.

Is steamunlocked safe to download from?

Absolutely, this website is secure to download games without paying any cash. All the games that are uploaded on this website are safe from any kind of viruses or malware. Moreover, the games uploaded on this website are pre-installed.

Is there any steamunlocked alternative?

Yes, our website has an alternative which is steamsunlocked.com.  This website offers you all the popular games free download.  Also, this website also provides you with torrents for the games.

Can you download GOG games from steamunlocked?

Some GOG games are available on steamunlocked but not all. Don’t worry you can download GOG games from our sister site – gogunlocked.cc From here you can free GOG games and the torrent link is also available.

What does pre-installed mean?

Pre-installed games imply that the game is already installed for you. In detail, we are able to say that after downloading you may not have to install the setup. After downloading the game just extract it and play it. Quite simple, right!

How do I download files?

Download the game file by clicking on the download link given at the end of the page. You can also download the game files by using a download manager and that is the best way to download them. The download manager has the ability to break file into smaller pieces which make it faster to download. Also by using the download manager you can pause the downloading and can also continue it later. Also, for fast-speed downloading download one game at a time.

How to add steamunlocked to the bookmark?

You can add steamunlocked to the bookmark by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyword. After pressing Ctrl + D a notification will pop up telling you bookmark added. From there press done. Also, you can add it to your bookmark by clicking on the star icon at the last of the search bar of your search engine.

How do I download files via torrent? Is it safe?

Another way to download the game is by using a torrent. There are torrents present for some of the most famous games. Torrents are really easy to use and give you more control over your downloading process. When downloading while using a torrent you can stop it and can continue it any time. Also, in some countries using torrents is an illegal act. Therefore, before using it make sure that is it legal in your country. If not then use a VPN.

How do I update a game? Where are the saved files located?

On the off chance that you need to update a game, you’ll need to erase the old version and re-download the updated cracked game. Before deleting the previous version check out where the save files are located. If you want to know where the saved files are saved just google it.

The file I downloaded is not a zip, but an .iso/exe?

In case the downloaded file is in a .iso/exe then it is clear that you have not downloaded the file from steamunlocked but instead, it downloaded it from an advertisements page that you were diverted to. Before, initiating the download, block any pop-up advertisements and diverting links. Another thing, to recognize the legitimateness of a download link, check that is there a .zip expansion composed at the end of the game title. If it is then it is the right link.

403 forbidden errors when clicking on the download link?

In the event that a 403 forbidden error shows up after you press the download link can be for two reasons. Number 1 the download link is expired, which is almost impossible as our website frequently checks and updates them. Number 2 your web IP is blocked and attempt using a VPN.

Can I play these games online?

Well, you play some of the games online but not on our platform (steamunlocked). We do not have the feature of online play you will have to download games in order to play them.

Why My download is very slow?

Your download speed is affected by:

  • The speed of the internet per second (MB/s) for case a client with a 30 MB/s speed can download much quicker than a 5 MB/s speed client.
  • The number of devices associated with your modem.
  • The server that has the downloadable files.
  • The amount of individuals that are attempting to download the file at the same time.
  • It is best to utilize a LAN cable for downloading the file and also it will be much speedier than downloading with a WiFi.
The .zip file is corrupt after download?

In some cases the WinRAR can have issues while extracting a few of the game files, hence it would be a great choice to switch to 7-zip. And I am sure that it’ll solve the issue.

My Anti-virus picked up the game as a Trojan?

Numerous antivirus programs that are running on your computer may distinguish the game files as a “virus” or “trojan” it is because of the reason that the game contains cracked files. The cracked files make the game run. Numerous antivirus companies get paid to do this so that you simply think that it is a virus and will turn to officials to purchase the diversion. To avoid this issue just turn off any anti-virus program that’s active on your computer. Also, each game is installed and tested on our individual computers hence you do not have to get stressed about its legitimacy.

Why I’m having errors when trying to run the game?

If you’re facing any issue when you are playing a game, most of the time it’ll happen because your gadget may not coordinate the least requirements. On the off chance that your game suddenly crashes or your screen freezes or blackout, it basically shows that you just have a low-end computer, outdated drivers, and missing files. On the off chance that you confront an issue such as a lost Dll or file the primary precaution is to turn off the antivirus/Windows Defender that is active on your PC. Also, install any required Redist or _CommonRedist from the Redist or _CommonRedist folder displayed within the downloaded .zip file.

Why I’m having problems with saving the game?

In case you confront any issue with saving the game just run the .exe application as an administrator. This can be done by right-clicking the exe and selecting run as an administrator.

Why I’m having issues downloading the game?

If you encounter any problems downloading the game, like a 403 forbidden error, try using a VPN. The server that holds the file is very sensitive and can detect any harmful IP addresses. So, it can also stop your IP address from working. So, it is necessary to use a VPN in this situation.

I love your work! Where can I donate?

Thank you for your love, but sorry we cannot accept any donations from our users. Our goal is to make it possible for all gamers to play any game they want without having to pay for it. Just telling other gamers about our website is all we need.