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Semispheres is a unique and thought-provoking puzzle game that challenges players to navigate through parallel realities using strategic thinking and coordination. Developed by Vivid Helix, this captivating title offers a minimalist and serene experience where players control two characters simultaneously to solve intricate puzzles.

In Semispheres, players take control of two separate entities, each residing in its own split-screen reality. These characters, represented by vibrant circles, must work together in harmony to overcome obstacles and reach their respective goals. The game’s objective is to guide each character to their designated exit points, all while avoiding patrolling enemies and utilizing various tools and abilities.

The gameplay in Semispheres revolves around managing the movements and actions of both characters simultaneously. Players must carefully plan their steps, analyze the environment, and devise strategies to synchronize the actions of the two entities. The game introduces increasingly complex puzzles that require coordination, timing, and clever manipulation of the environment to progress.

One of the standout features of Semispheres is its minimalist and aesthetically pleasing art style. The game presents a visually striking world with serene backgrounds, soothing colors, and simple yet elegant design. This artistic approach enhances the overall experience, providing a tranquil and immersive atmosphere that complements the puzzle-solving gameplay.

The game’s soundtrack is another notable aspect, featuring a calming and ambient musical score that enhances the meditative quality of the gameplay. The soothing melodies create a harmonious backdrop, further immersing players in the serene atmosphere of the game.

Semispheres also offers a gentle learning curve, gradually introducing new mechanics and increasing the complexity of the puzzles as players progress. The game encourages experimentation and exploration, rewarding players with a sense of accomplishment as they overcome each challenge and unlock new levels.

With its innovative gameplay mechanics, minimalist visuals, and relaxing ambiance, Semispheres offers a refreshing and engaging puzzle-solving experience. The game’s unique approach to dual character control and its emphasis on coordination make it a standout title in the puzzle genre. If you enjoy contemplative and intellectually stimulating games that test your problem-solving skills, Semispheres provides a satisfying and tranquil journey through parallel realities. Get ready to exercise your mind and embark on a mesmerizing puzzle adventure.

Semispheres Free Download


Game Overview

Developer: Vivid Helix

Publisher: Vivid Helix

Release Date: 14 Feb 2017

Genre: Strategy, Puzzle

Semispheres is a meditative parallel puzzle game that places dual realities at the heart of its challenge.

Its unique single-player split-screen mechanic challenges your brain by putting you in control of two characters at the same time.

Your left and right sides must work together to unfold the mystery by solving clever puzzles in an entrancing ambiance.

Using portals and other abilities to avoid sentries, devise and execute your plan, reuniting the parallel worlds of Semispheres.

Key Features:

Semispheres Torrent DownloadKey Features:

  • More than 50 levels, each building on top of each other, culminating with fiendishly complex puzzles
  • Stealth-inspired gameplay includes
  • ding abilities like noise-makers, portals, side-swapping, teleporting, and more
  • Immersive ambient soundtrack by Sid Barnhoorn, composer for Antichamber, The Stanley Parable, and Out There
  • Mesmerizing and soothing bichromatic art style comprised of warm blues and oranges heartwarming story about a boy and his robot, unfolding in parallel with the puzzle progression

Semispheres PC Crack


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Semispheres Free Download

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System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX9 and above
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

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